Visual Language Discrimination in Infancy


Baby Participating in Visual Language Task

Baby sits on caregiver's lap facing television screen.

Caregiver wears darkened sunglasses to prevent influencing the baby.

Baby watches silent faces of bilingual (French/English) speakers reciting sentences in both languages.

Demo movie and stimuli examples available below.

Demo Movie

Demo Movie (MOV, 63.6MB)

Video clip of baby watching silent videos of a person talking.

Baby is shown English until she becomes bored and stops watching that language.

Language is switched to French, and baby starts watching again, indicating that she noticed the language change.

Stimuli Examples

Stimuli Example - English (MOV, 48.7MB)

Speaker is silently reciting a sentence in English.

Stimuli Example - French (MOV, 47.3MB)

Speaker is silently reciting a sentence in French.

Extra Demo Baby Movies

Pretest and First Trial (MOV, 128.5MB)

Final Habituation Trials (MOV, 99.2MB) - baby becomes bored

Test Trial (MOV, 60.2MB) - language switches and baby watches again

Post-Test (MOV, 57.5MB)