Shania Linggon

Lab Coordinator

Shania recently completed her B.A. in 2021 with a double major in Speech Sciences and Psychology at the University of British Columbia. During her undergraduate degree, she previously worked with the Early Development Research Group (EDRG) as a Research Assistant in the Language Development Centre under Dr. Geoff Hall where she conducted a study that was interested in how children track the identity of a particular individual (proper names) and how they identify the identities of categories (count nouns) as they are going through transformations (i.e., metamorphosis). Shania is grateful to return back to the EDRG in her new role at the Infant Studies Centre where she can continue feeding her love for research in developmental psychology and language acquisition. In her spare time, Shania enjoys a range of hobbies including, but certainly not limited to: powerlifting, cooking, playing video games, painting and reading.