Sheri Dawoon Choi

PhD Student, Developmental Psychology
Primary Supervisor: Dr. Janet F. Werker

Sheri is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Psychology at UBC, supervised by Dr. Janet F. Werker. Sheri’s research investigates how infants acquire speech and language from a developmental cognitive neuroscience perspective. In particular, she studies various aspects of speech perception in preverbal infants, including statistical learning and multisensory speech perception, using eye-tracking and electroencephalography (EEG) techniques. Her research aims to link patterns in infants’ brain activity (such as oscillatory patterns, commonly referred to as ‘brainwaves’) to behavioural responses, to gain further insight into the mechanisms underlying infants’ amazing cognitive and perceptual abilities.

Prior to pursuing a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, Sheri obtained a M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Center for Mind and Brain Sciences at the University of Trento in Italy. She completed her internship and M.Sc. thesis at the Brain Dynamics lab, where she used magnetoencephalography (MEG) to investigate neural dynamics underlying conscious visual and auditory perception. She holds a B.A./B.Sc. degree with a combined honours in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour from McMaster University in Ontario.

Sheri’s work has been published in Psychological Science, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Hearing Research, and Mind, Brain, and Education, among other journals. Sheri is an avid swimmer and recently completed her first Triathlon! She is enthusiastic about exploring BC, including surfing and kayaking in the coastal waters.