Palak Totala

B.Tech in Computer Science, 4th year, IIT Patna | MITACS GRI 2023

Palak is a MITACS Globalink Research Intern for the Summer of 2023. She is an incoming 4th-year student majoring in Computer Science at IIT Patna, India.
During her time at the Infant Studies Center, Palak is primarily engaged in conducting an extensive literature review on language perception in infants facing sensory and developmental challenges. Her research focuses on unraveling the fascinating phenomenon of cross-modal plasticity within the brain and the compensatory mechanisms that arise. By delving into these areas, she aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties these infants encounter, ultimately striving to make language accessible to all.
Palak is also actively involved in two projects. In the RAD EEG project, she performs data preprocessing and implements data augmentation techniques, contributing to advancements in EEG analysis. Additionally, she is integrating Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) with eye tracking in the Odd One Out project, aiming to provide insights into infants’ cognitive processes.
Palak aspires to leverage her skills and knowledge to develop technologies that enhance language accessibility for everyone in the future and plans to pursue further education in the fields of Computer Science and Cognitive  Computing. Outside of her academic pursuits, she finds joy in dancing, reading, and painting!