Alia Mahrez

B.A. in Psychology, 4th year, UBC | Research Assistant

Alia is a 4th-year B.A. student majoring in Psychology at UBC. She will be forever grateful for the opportunity she was given to come work at the Infant Studies Centre, as it is a unique occasion to broaden her understanding of the research field. Alia is currently working on the RAD EEG project, studying distinctive sound recognition in infants. The things she has learned since starting in this RA position, in September, are incredibly enriching. Alia is interested in the cultural aspects of psychology, as well as cognition and development. She wants to explore how these disciplines can be integrated into the world to assist in finding practical solutions to issues we are currently facing. Alia is hoping to bring more awareness to representation issues in study methods, as well as academia as a whole. In her free time, she enjoys music, art museums, reading, skating, and loves to travel.