Aysun (Zahra) Ofoghi

Research Manager for the Infant Studies Centre | aysun(at)psych.ubc.ca

Aysun is a Neuroscientist with expertise in research design and development, focusing on neuroimaging, brain development, virtual reality (VR), and pain. She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tehran before earning her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Calgary. With a strong passion for advancing scientific knowledge of the neuroscience of VR and human-computer interaction, Aysun completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Simon Fraser University, where she further expanded her expertise in utilizing neuroscience findings for the design and development of health technologies. As a research member of the Infant Studies Center, Aysun aims to lead research on language acquisition during infancy and design cutting-edge research protocols to investigate correlated brain mechanisms.