Our ‘Brite’ Word-Learning Study Featured

A Toddler wearing the Artinis Brite fNIRS cap. Photo courtesy of Artinis.

A new study beginning here at our Centre has been featured by the UBC Department of Psychology! This study will be exploring the amazing process of word-learning in toddlers using the Artinis ‘Brite‘ device, a portable Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) system designed specifically for young children. This is an incredibly exciting project; as toddlers are notorious for their need to be on the move and most neuroimaging systems are not movement-friendly, there is a history of few neuroimaging studies in this age-range. With the Brite system, our researchers will be aiming to capture toddler’s neural responses during a word-learning task, one of the first studies to attempt to do so. Find the article — featuring our post-docs Dr. Drew Weatherhead and Dr. Maria Arredondo, and our Centre’s Director, Dr. Janet F. Werker — here!