Ela Turkkan

B.A. in Psychology, 3rd year, UBC | Research Assistant

Ela is a third-year Psychology student at the University of British Columbia. As a Research Assistant in the Infant Studies Centre, Ela is currently involved in two projects- PitchAccent and MusicPrime. Ela’s extremely excited to explore how cultural cues influence bilingual infants’ language learning through MusicPrime. She’s also interested in learning more about language through the project PitchAccent which explores infants’ perception of musical pitch and accent patterns in non-native speech contrast. Other than developmental psychology, Ela is also interested in learning about and studying interpersonal relationships and family dynamics. Ela is thoroughly enjoying working with children, being exposed to many interesting and unique projects and learning about the many different research methods used to run studies during her position as Research Assistant at the Infant Studies Centre. After completing her undergraduate degree, Ela hopes to continue her career in research and academia and conduct her own research exploring infant development in the future. In her free time, Ela enjoys reading, baking, traveling, and also trying different cuisines!