Camille Savalli

B.A. in Speech Sciences, 4th year, UBC | Research Assistant

Camille is a 4th-year Speech Sciences student at UBC. She is pursuing a career in speech-language pathology, and her research interests include language acquisition and neurodegenerative language disorders; more specifically, she is interested in early developmental psychology with a focus on infants’ developing abilities and how it affects the language in their environment. Camille is currently working on the Little Thinkers research project, which investigates children’s intuitive beliefs about academic performance, as well as the Hands project, which looks at infants’ acquisition of category scope words versus individual scope words. In addition to volunteering at the lab with infants, Camille also facilitates a support group for people with Aphasia and has developed a passion for working with this population. In her spare time, Camille plays the guitar and loves discovering the beauty of the West Coast.